Pro EFT Stress Elimination: Breaking the cycle of growing old before your time.

Tweet Chronic stress ages us prematurely. It greatly accelerates wrinkle formation, sagging skin, and memory loss.  Accelerated aging is not normal for humans. With Pro EFT stress elimination none of us have to grow old before our time from carrying around chronic stress. Short term stress is beneficial to your memory. You feel more alive, awake, … Continue Reading »

Pro EFT Stress Relief and Elimination: Eliminating cravings and self sabotage.

Tweet Stress is the drug of weight gain, cravings, and failure. This makes cravings and self sabotage tailor made problems for Pro EFT stress relief and elimination. In the amygdala our stress and pleasure pathways are connected. We get stressed. Our brain knows we can relieve the stress with a pleasurable squirt of dopamine. We start obsessing … Continue Reading »

Pro EFT Tapping Technique and Rheumatoid Arthritis: Breaking the Vicious Cycle

Tweet Your joints hurt. The pain keeps you from moving. Your muscles tense up. Tense muscles pull on your joints causing more pain and stiffness. You feel stressed. Stress increases your inflammation while causing more muscle tension and pain.  This vicious cycle appears to have no end. With Pro EFT tapping technique you will become … Continue Reading »