Finding Relief, with Pro EFT

Tapping on your body’s super comforting points

Turning on the body’s record button

Deleting the reactions you don’t like

Programming in the reactions you want

The Problem Develops

We have a stressful event in our lives. We cope by having a stress response. If the stress becomes intense enough, our unconscious mind records the response. It does this by slowing down our brain waves. Now, anything that reminds us of that stressful event, triggers the stress response. We get more and more stressed. Eventually we start becoming stressed about becoming stressed.

What doesn’t Work

We decide to reason with ourselves. Gathering facts and trying to convince ourselves, to react differently. This rational approach, is not emotionally charged. Our unconscious mind does not feel compelled, to record it.

It is very much like going home and seeing a movie, you don’t like, playing on the TV. You pull up a chair, and explain to the DVR player exactly what you don’t like about the movie. The unconscious mind works like the DVR player. We need to push the record button in order to program a new movie.

In the end, we can get discouraged and give up. We might start thinking, being stressed, is just who we are.

The Pro EFT Solution

Human beings comfort themselves by touch. Think about the, I could have had a V8 spot, rubbing your temples for a headache, and the Home Alone Movie Poster.

We have an instinct to touch these areas, when we need comfort, In the last 35 years, we have discovered, that when we tap lightly on these areas, in a specific order, it multiplies the comforting effect.

In a session, you will tap on these points on yourself. The practitioner taps on themselves. While tapping, you will repeat the phrases that cause you to feel so uncomfortable. When the round is done, you will notice you feel less upset. When the process in completed, you won’t feel upset anymore. Your mind now connects the old stressor, to feeling the way you want to feel.

Tapping the points, also slows down the brain waves. It turns on the record button and records your new reaction.

How Many Sessions will it Take?

A simple issue, is often eliminated in one to three sessions. A complex issue, with many contributing factors, will take longer. The number of sessions is dependent on how many aspects need to be addressed.


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