Tapping on your body’s super comforting points

Turning on the body’s record button

Deleting the reactions you don’t like

Programming in the reactions you want


“Well it’s snowing and I’m not home yet and I don’t have anxiety!” text from a Pro EFT™ Center client.

Hi Bill,

Thank you for another enlightening session.  I look forward to continued growth and peace.  Pro EFT Center Client


Bill…I am super excited about this! I told my husband and he seemed very interested. My hands honestly have not even gotten clammy since seeing you. A RARITY!!!

I stopped in at ______ office and it was warm enough in there that it should of triggered my hands and it didn’t. I am even typing all of this out on my phone and I can feel the sensation that my hands go through when the sweat is coming on…..but no sweat!!!!!! This is CRAZY!!!!!!!

THANK YOU!!!!! I seriously owe you!!!!

Update: I am FLOORED by the response of yesterday’s visit! 

I can’t wait to share your skills with everyone! I have one referral for you already…Michelle Novak, Pro EFT™ Center Client


Thank you Bill! I appreciate all the help. Thank you for helping to make real changes. Pro EFT Center™ Client

Thank you for all the work you’ve done with me! I’m miles and miles ahead of who I was 10 years ago. EFT and your EFT sessions have truly been life changing. Thank you for you and all that you do. Pro EFT Center™ Client.

Thank you so much Bill. I have been able to sleep, and I am eating again. You just need to know how much you have helped me. (And my husband) He suffers watching me suffer. What you have done to help me has been life changing.  I appreciate you so much. Thank you, thank you. Yvonne Pro EFT™ Center Client

As a physician specializing in natural and alternative medicine I have looked long and hard to find a great counseling referral for my patients with anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders. Many patients cannot afford years of therapy, and honestly I’ve been unimpressed with the results of traditional therapy for many patients. I heard about EFT in medical school but had never tried it. Then I met Bill Dovel. He showed me in just one session what a powerful tool EFT is. Since then, I have referred all of my patients with mood disorders to him. He has a wonderfully gentle and humorous approach that puts people at ease, and he gets great results, much faster than old-fashioned talk therapy. Thanks Bill, for taking such great care of my patients!
Dr. Emily Penney, ND
“Bill is one of my favorite students.”
Lindsay Kenny EFT Master, Creator of Pro EFT 
Bill, Thank you  for guiding me back to forgiveness , love ,and what I am looking for. I also, loved working with you. I honor your knowledge and wisdom . Thank you  for seeing and accepting me as I am. I often tell people about  how wonderful  you are.


“…a true professional and extremely knowledgeable.”
Dr. Thelma Jones

I am an RN and a LPC (licensed professional counselor) and when I first heard about Pro EFT, it piqued my curiousity.  EFT stands for emotional freedom technique.  I was given the opportunity to receive three free sessions and scheduled an appointment.  Believing that I really didn’t need ‘counseling’ I put some thought into a potential unresolved issue that I could work on in my sessions.  I knew initially that I needed to have faith that the process would work.  Bill Dovel’s professionalism, kindness, sensitivity, and energy ensured that it did.  I knew I had carried some nagging doubt and anxiety in a few of my life areas but felt they were insignificant.  What I learned through my Pro EFT sessions is that my thoughts had created a negative feedback loop that prevented me from truly trusting myself and ultimately from being honestly happy.  Pro EFT is not your typical cognitive counseling session.  It is physical, mental and emotional and for me effective.  I never felt powerless before, but I now know that I can make clear decisions, while calm, and know that I am doing so out of love for myself.   Have I made any huge life changes since my last session?  No.  But I know I can without regret and without doubt, when I’m ready.   If you have tried other counseling therapies in the past and just didn’t feel like it worked for you, I would encourage you to sign up for Pro EFT and give it a try.  Next time I feel disconnected between what I am thinking and what I am feeling, I’ll see Bill again!
Dian Liles RN, LPC
Bill Dovel  is truly a rare find in the field of EFT – his background in clinical psychology, combined with Pro-EFT power and his deep listening and intuitive nature make for a truly insightful healing combination.  It is a power that spells “shift” for anyone who chooses to walk into his office.  I have tapped with Bill for many months now, and never cease to delight in his delightful sense of humor even with the most intense issues and his loving compassion for his clients.  If you desire a profound shift in your life, his skills are an answer to your intent.
Nika One, Ph.D., C.Ht., Pro-EFT Expert, Matrix Energetic Expert

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