Tap away feeling depressed with Pro EFT™

Keep it simple

You have at your fingertips, the power to tap away feeling depressed with Pro EFT™. As with anxiety, calling many different things depression can make tapping it away seem impossible. The 8 psychiatric disorders associated with the emotion depression are often just called depression. This leads to a lot of confusion. In orthodox 20th century psychiatry labeling people with a diagnosis is important. It provides a vehicle to determine what pharmaceutical drug to give. Averaging symptoms to create a label creates  all sorts of problems in real people. We are all different from each other in many ways. Pro EFT™ Center tapping scripts do the opposite of labeling. Keep it simple. Tap on what you are experiencing. That is what really matters.

Address your specific problems

The EFT concept of being specific makes your tapping much more effective. Write out exactly how you are feeling, thinking, and reacting. Rate the symptoms from 1 to 10. Emphasize the symptoms that are most severe first in your setup/reversal statements.

Love and accept all aspects of you

One of the very basics of all Meridian Tapping is to love and accept ourselves anyway. At the Pro EFT Center we think that includes loving and accepting the part that makes you feel depressed. The more you love and accept all of you, the more completely you will heal.

Have all the parts of you feel truly understood

We feel understood when another person cares enough to really get our point of view. Feeling understood is the most important factor in any kind of treatment. It is really helpful to understand what the depressed part of you is trying to do. When all the aspects of you feel understood, those parts will become a much more willing partner.

Recognize the advantages of feeling depressed

Depression makes us keep our head down instead of lashing out angrily. If you grew up in a household with an angry parent, your getting angry would have been severely punished. You had every right to feel angry, but you paid a price for expressing it out loud. Your body learned to use your anger to shut you down. With this insight you can be grateful that shutting yourself down protected you. This insight empowers you to gently tap away feeling depressed with Pro EFT™ techniques.

Another advantage of depression is making you hold still. When you are sick, your immune system will force you to rest. It does this to give yourself an opportunity to heal. Acknowledging the need to slow down and take care of yourself is very healing. It empowers you to tap in taking care of yourself without having to feel depressed.

Feeling depressed can lead to increased introspection and problem solving. Love and accept your body’s attempt to get you to solve the problem. That will really help that part of you let go of the dysfunctional pattern of feeling depressed in order to solve problems. Then you can tap in the instructions to solve the problem without having to feel depressed.

Tap away feeling depressed with Pro EFT™ then tap in how you want to react

When you are creating your set up and reversal statements, see if you can find the specific advantage that feeling depressed is attempting to do for you. Also acknowledge what feeling depressed is doing that you don’t like. When you do both of these in your set up statements you will be much more successful. As you tap away feeling depressed with Pro EFT™ you can tap in going straight to the positive results.

If the emotions are too intense, or the aspects you are suffering from are too complex, we always recommend doing some private sessions with an certified, advanced, Pro EFT practitioner.

Wishing you the best tapping success ever,