Pro EFT Stress Relief and Elimination: Eliminating cravings and self sabotage.


My body just aches to stuff myself silly with all of that wonderful food.

Stress is the drug of weight gain, cravings, and failure. This makes cravings and self sabotage tailor made problems for Pro EFT stress relief and elimination.

In the amygdala our stress and pleasure pathways are connected. We get stressed. Our brain knows we can relieve the stress with a pleasurable squirt of dopamine. We start obsessing on our favorite comfort food, alcohol, behavior, or drug. The craving signals get overwhelming and…  After we act out we feel guilty. We now start criticizing ourselves. Now we are stressed again. This chronic stress cycle helps us begin to program ourselves to use again and again.

In a recent session I asked the client who was stressed about her weight gain to say, “My name is (her name)” and tested her arm resistance, it was solid. I asked her to say, “My name is Fred” and she had less resistance. I asked her to say, “I want to weigh 120 pounds” and she had less resistance. I asked her to say ,”I want to weigh 220 pounds” and she had strong resistance, even stronger than calling herself by her real name. When I explained that the results showed her body really wanted to weigh 220 pounds she exclaimed, “Of course I do, I am tired of dieting…all that worry, stress, and work. If I weighed 220 pounds I could give up.”

The above example reflects the common thread in almost all self sabotage. We really don’t want what we want. My head tells me don’t do it and my body just aches to stuff myself silly with all of that wonderful food. You can fill in any substance or behavior you want. The goal is to feel good again by replacing the craving, boredom, and anxiety with the promise of pleasure. It is not the substance itself that gives us the dopamine induced pleasure, it is the anticipation. If you only relapse 50% of the time it gives you even more pleasure.

Over time we lose the pleasure of using and acting out yet we still act out anyway. People start saying, “I don’t even know why I did it. I didn’t really even want it.” This is because by the time we are acclimated to the substance the directions to use it have become a hardwired unconscious response. This hardwired condition is very difficult to change. In this article the Psychiatrist Richard Friedman laments this response can’t be deprogrammed. He also laments that the lack of pleasure cannot be returned either.

With Pro EFT relief and elimination we change this programing that otherwise lays in wait for the next signal to begin acting out again. We also get our pleasure back using the Golden Gate Technique.

The first step in our healing is the Pro EFT Reversals Technique. This technique directs us to agree with that side of us that doesn’t want or believe we can change. This neutralizes the control that this automatic response has been exerting. If you validate a thought it no longer has to get so activated in order to be heard. A more reasonable internal conversation can now occur.

Next you will learn how to tap down your cravings. Craving can be a simple issue when it is not connected to any other issue. Unfortunately this is almost never the case. Tapping the cravings is an important skill to master and practice throughout your day, before the cravings get intense. For a complex problem just tapping down the cravings is not a permanent solution.

The growing body of evidence in the field of addiction is showing that EFT is very effective and very often has permanent results. The permanent solution is found by eliminating the distress contained in the Core Issue. The Core Issue is the programing in your unconscious mind that drives your desires and behaviors. It feeds itself with stressful emotions. The energy of these emotional  perceptions determine how the brain cells in your mind will react at the cellular level. The very proteins that make up the nerve cell fundamentally change their character with either the stress response input or your Pro EFT session input. This is clearly evidenced by the EFT results in PTSD where the automatic responses of specific memories are changed and in the follow up testing the changes remain permanently.

A perfect Pro EFT stress elimination technique to finish up the sessions is the Ultimate Truth Statement. This statement is the ultimate goal you would have if you could get anything you want. It becomes your new self fulfilling prophecy. You begin wanting what you really want. This is so much easier and fun than will power alone. Call or email me today and get started on your journey to empowerment and freedom. Be sure to check the specials on the contact page to get the best deal possible.

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