Tap away your anger with Pro EFT™

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English: A metaphorical visualization of the word Anger. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Discover the difference between healthy and unhealthy anger

Anger is a special case in Pro EFT™ Center tapping. Anger brings out the worst behaviors in human beings. Because of this, there is no emotion that is more vilified than anger. There isn’t a psych diagnosis for anger per se. Instead we have a whole host of disorders that are all about the behaviors that angry aggressive people do to us. In order to effectively tap away your anger with Pro EFT™ it is extremely helpful to know what anger looks like in empathetic, caring people.

Healthy anger makes something change

The whole anger continuum from the mildest annoyance to rage is about making your external environment change. When somebody mistreats us, it is natural to feel hurt and then angry. But those of us with a conscience feel bad when we get angry at someone.

Being with an understanding person vs a person who means to hurt you

We may decide to try to pursue understanding with the person who hurt us. We attempt to politely tell them how we are feeling hurt. This is a great plan with someone who truly cares for you.

When the person who hurt you enjoys being aggressive, they will likely attack you again, espcially for having hurt feelings. You get the message that feeling hurt is not allowed. You might decide to go the other route and get angry at them. Then they attack you for being angry. You are then accused of being too sensitive. You shouldn’t take it personally. They were just joking. Where is your sense of humor? I am always walking on eggshells around you. I guess I can never say what I am really thinking around you. etc. You end up being imprinted with a no win scenario that continues the battle inside of you. The person who hurt you no longer needs to be in the room to make you stressed out.

Eliminate arguing with yourself

The solution is to love and accept the parts of us that are arguing back and forth. The part that wants to be angry and the part that feels bad when we get angry. Sometimes it really helps to keep tapping, “I should have said something,” and then, “I shouldn’t have let them get to me,” over and over again. When we are learning to tap away feeling angry with Pro EFT™, we often do this until we start giggling. When that happens we reach true acceptance of both points of view. At that wonderful point of true self acceptance, the person who is being abusive loses much of their ability to take control of your emotions.

Tap in feeling in control directly

Another aspect of anger is feeling in control. This is especially true when someone is making you feel bad. Aggressive and uncaring people often belittle people to feel in control. This is emotional abuse. Some even are physically and sexually assaultive, which destroys the victimized person’s ability to feel in control. Anger would seem like the perfect emotion to give us back that sense of control.

The problem with anger happens when your anger doesn’t change anything. Then your anger eats you alive. Chronic anger, whether expressed or repressed, is the principle emotional cause of physical illness. It disrupts every healing function in the body. We very effectively tap away your anger with Pro EFT™ by tapping in feeling in control, without having to be angry.

Reverse that bad effects of anger in your body

Tapping has been found to turn on 72 genes  that cause:  “suppression of cancer tumors, protection against the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, type 2 diabetes insulin resistance, immunity from opportunistic infections, antiviral activity, synaptic connectivity between neurons, creation of both red and white blood cells, enhancement of male fertility, building white matter in the brain, metabolic regulation, neural plasticity, strengthening cell membranes, and reducing oxidative stress.” This is a partial list. Use your Pro EFT™ Center tapping to take your body back physically and emotionally at the same time.

Venting your anger to get rid of it doesn’t work

I would also like to include the ever present belief that venting your anger is a healthy activity. Far from it. Venting your anger outwardly programs you to be ever more angry. It steals your self control away from you. This absurd belief was championed by Nobel Laureate Konrad Lorenz. He called it the Psychohydraulic Model of human behavior. He was eventually found out as the monster he really was, but his thinking still strongly influenced psychology in the 20th Century. As Robert Sapolsky points out in his Behavioral Biology lectures at Stanford, Lorenz was  a Nazi Propagandist. In Pro EFT™ Center sessions we dissipate the energy charging up your anger, while validating that you have every right to feel that way. Then your anger stops harming you.

Recognize anger early and take effective action 

Instead of repressing your anger, we tap in having the beginnings of anger stimulate effective action instead. That way your mild annoyances and irritations do not build up until you explode. This is a perfect way to prove to you, that you value yourself. Programming in effective action instead of getting more angry, is a very effective way to tap away your anger with Pro EFT™.

Get help when you need it

If the emotions are too intense, or the aspects you are suffering from are too complex, we always recommend doing some private sessions with an certified, advanced, Pro EFT™ practitioner.

Wishing you the best tapping success ever,