Reprogram your dysfunctional reactions with Pro EFT

The world is finding out that EFT is wonderful at eliminating the emotional pain from trauma. Pro EFT is an advanced cousin of EFT.  You can reprogram your dysfunctional reactions with Pro EFT. Here at the Pro EFT Center, we have combined the vast knowledge base of Behavioral Biology with the components of Gold Standard EFT, Clinical EFT, and Pro EFT. Putting these components together greatly enhances the effectiveness of your tapping.

Dysfunctional reactions are often a much more complex problem than a simple issue. Being very specific with your simple issue works wonderfully. This classic concept of being specific is very important in complex issues as well. But how do you know what to tap on with a complex issue?

We have complex biological reactions built into our fight or flight stress reponse. These responses are naturally programmed into us when we are young and when our experiences create enough emotional intensity. These responses include thoughts, emotions, urges to react, and upsetting body sensations. Identifying these components helps give us the material to tap on. The following presentation will help you become much more skilled. Learning to reprogram your dysfunctional reactions with Pro EFT will make your path so much easier. Please enjoy!