Relieve your emotional pain and limiting beliefs with Pro EFT

Many people wonder how to relieve your emotional pain and limiting beliefs with Pro EFT. Your painful emotions and limiting beliefs go hand in hand with each other. They form a vicious circle. You have an experience that is so upsetting that your unconscious mind records that response. Your mind observes what is happening. This observation becomes your hardwired limiting belief. It explains what happened. It also becomes your automatic instruction manual for what to do next time. These instructions are unconscious and happen before your conscious mind has time to figure things out.  You keep experiencing the same kind of situation over and over again. Each time it happens it proves the limiting belief is true. You feel bad each time and the belief and the emotional pain become linked. This vicious cycle can go on for a life time.

In this wonderful podcast with Betsy Pake of Start Small, Live Big. You can listen to how we relieve your emotional pain and limiting beliefs with Pro EFT. Here is the link.