Getting over the loss you can’t get over with Pro EFT™

We need to feel understood in order to heal

When you can’t seem to get over a big loss in your life, it can be very discouraging. There are even psychotherapists who believe you never get over a loss. Getting over the loss you can’t get over with Pro EFT™ requires really feeling listened to and understood. Quite often it also requires some knowledge of how to grieve effectively.

Recognize when you are grieving

Sometimes we have a moment when the tears form in our eyes. This is your body grieving. We often run right past the thought that is so painful.  This blocks the grieving part of us from truly feeling heard. In order to grieve the sadness effectively, we need to ask ourselves what thought brought us to tears. When we know the thought we can acknowledge, love, and accept that thought and tap that painful loss out of our body.

Grieving is about feeling understood

It is important to realize that the grieving thought is not about providing information. It is about feeling understood on a gut level. We tap on the same thought until we feel resolved, bored, or clear. When you feel understood on a gut level, getting over the loss you can’t get over with Pro EFT™ becomes so much easier.

Don’t force yourself

I never try to stimulate grief in a client. I strongly advise you don’t do this in yourself either. The body will let you know if and when it is ready to grieve. It will do this by bringing tears to your eyes.

Feel really listened to first

Not allowing effective grieving is not the only reason we can’t let go of a loss. Sometimes we need to tell the story until we really feel listened to. A classic EFT mistake is to recognize something that could be tapped on and stop the client from talking. Then we start tapping on that aspect before a person really feels understood. Sometimes I do sessions without ever having time to measure the symptoms 1 to 10. We skip using the Karate Chop point, Sore Spot, or setting up a reversal. We tap while the client says what they need to say. Only then do we move onto the standard Pro EFT™ techniques.

When tapping on yourself, treat yourself like a client. If you need to keep talking and tapping, do that first. Your results will improve exponentially. Getting over the loss you can’t get over with Pro EFT™ can only happen when you feel really listened to and understood.

Get help when you need it

If the emotions are too intense, or the aspects you are suffering from are too complex, we always recommend doing some private sessions with an certified, advanced, Pro EFT practitioner.

Wishing you the best tapping success ever,