Get great results with meridian tapping by valuing yourself

The best way to get great results with meridian  tapping is by valuing yourself. This means all of yourself, even the parts of you that disagree with each other. At the Pro EFT Center we put a great deal of effort in writing out exactly what you say. This accurately fires the neural networks that have the reactions you want to change. The more you tap on all of your thoughts, emotions, and reactions, the more effective your tapping will become.

To have great results, write out what you want to say, anything that comes to mind. When you are done, put together a set up statement that sees the downside and the upside of your central problem. Then tap while reading what you have just written out, one phrase for each point.

Traditional medicine uses diagnosing as a way to treat illness, usually with drugs. This requires that an illness be named, a symptom list created, and drug trials done,  That model can be helpful when figuring out which pharmaceutical drug to take for the “average person.” The problem is that hardly anyone is that average person. That is not a good model to use when doing Pro EFT. The label you put on your symptoms, is just one idea to tap on. The more you tap all of you ideas, the greater success you will have.