Adding the Third Eye Point to your tapping routine

Here at the Pro EFT Center we are always looking for ways we can improve our tapping sessions. When someone comes up with a new idea, we are willing to try it out. A few months ago we began adding the Third Eye Point to our tapping routines. It has been working great. It has added a more balanced feeling at the end of each round. It has also proven a bit more effective in releasing neck and jaw tension.  A few EFT Masters and advanced practitioners have been adding the point as well. I would suggest giving it a try. We tap the Third Eye point and the Top of the Head point at the same time. This position also improves the spinal alignment while tapping, compared to the old routine.

Far more success in life is achieved by tinkering and measuring the results. This is much better than always assuming that you already know the best way to begin with. The willingness to make improvements as you find them has always impressed me. That was why I have trained so extensively with Lindsay Kenny, the creator of Pro EFT.

The following video, “How to Tap the Pro EFT Center Tapping Points,” will cover each of our standard points with more detail. Every once in a while, it is a great idea to go through the points and check yourself. Meridian Tapping will work even if you are not all that precise. As long as we are tapping the areas that humans use to comfort themselves, the tapping consistently shows some real benefit. There is some good evidence that the exact points work better than sham points.  Please enjoy tapping along with the video and help keep yourself from wandering too far off the mark.