Bill’s Corner: Taking out the limiting beliefs the block you from fully connecting to your loved ones

Bill’s Corner

Taking out the limiting beliefs that block you from fully connecting to your loved ones.

In this issue I am featuring: eliminating blocked, unsafe, and physical sensations, even when bad things have happened to you… again and again and again.

Recently a client came in with a series of limiting beliefs, that were blocking them from fully connecting to the people they most love in life. Being hurt over and over again, often leads to a coping strategy of believing you can’t connect, or if you do, it is not really good enough. When you are being hurt by those you should be loved by, this coping strategy works great.  Later on in life, when you get people in your life whom you love, and really love you, the coping beliefs become limiting. That is why we call them limiting beliefs. There is some truth to them, you can see it in your life, but they create the problem you are tying to get rid of. 

We eliminated feeling sad, blocked, unsafe, and bad, all to a 0. We also greatly reduced the physical symptoms the client was feeling, to the 0-1 range. When you tap out the both the emotional and physical charge, behind a limiting belief and fear, that belief loses its power over you. You have the additional benefit, of feeling more connected, what a great “side effect!”

At the end of the session, we tapped into every cell of their body, moving toward being even more connected. We added the memory of those times they had really felt connected. Sometimes when we are doing a great job, our limiting beliefs and fears, keep us from appreciating it. After you have tapped down your negative sensations, you often can tap in, the thoughts, emotions, and reactions you want.

Don’t hesitate to take on your limiting beliefs with your tapping. If you need help, you can get additional help at this link.