Tap away your anxiety with Pro EFT

Anxiety has just become the most prevalent emotional health problem in the US. Learning how to effectively tap away your anxiety with Pro EFT is a wonderful solution. For most people, trying to tap down anxiety seems like a daunting and nearly impossible task. Part of the reason for this is the word anxiety has so many competing definitions. Is it a body response, an emotion that we should be able to identify, or is it a disease? Modern psychiatry has used the word anxiety in a whole host of psychiatric disorders, for example Generalized Anxiety Disorder. The confusion is made far worse when medical personnel shorten the names of these disorders to the name anxiety, which is an emotion not a psychiatric diagnosis. Adding to this trend, there has been a big movement in psychiatric drug marketing to make normal anxiety a mental illness that needs psychiatric drugs.

If you don’t see anxiety as an emotion, there are several competing explanations of what anxiety actually is. If you have various body sensations like elevated pulse rate then that is anxiety. Others identify anxiety as a group of negative limiting beliefs. All of this differing information is enough to give you anxiety. It has become more and more difficult for the layman and healthcare practitioner alike to have a straightforward way to target the dysfunctional anxiety we want to get rid of.

Despite what many of us have been told, anxiety is not genetic. It is a learned response that helps us avoid bad things like being abandoned by our tribe. We can learn it from inside the womb onward.  When your anxiety emotions are intense enough, the unconscious mind will record that response and put it into your automatic reactions. After a response is recorded, the unconscious mind resists with all of its might to have you record over it. It would be awful if you accidentally recorded over the ability to walk, drive a car, or being warned to stay away from things that might hurt you.

When we tap on the Pro EFT Center tapping points, we increase the intensity of our comforting emotions. When these comforting emotions get intense enough, the unconscious mind turns on the record button just like when it imprints from intense negative emotions. When you verbalize your anxiety pattern while in this super comforting state, you start erasing the dysfunctional anxiety response.

You can develop the skills to tap away your anxiety with Pro EFT very effectively. The different forms of EFT are wonderful at reducing anxiety. The problem is that complex dysfunctional anxiety can be quite difficult to eliminate. In order to really get rid of anxiety you need to learn how anxiety works biologically.

Most of us know anxiety is there to protect us. We just don’t know how it protects us. You may have noticed the more anxious you feel, the less you accomplish. That is precisely what the emotion anxiety is for. It strongly motivates you to avoid things. Unfortunately, the unconscious mind can’t evaluate the overall results of making you anxious. It just waits for a cue to start your personal anxiety protocol.

Once your body has developed that habit of feeling anxiety for certain triggers, it will keep doing that until you change the recording to get anxious when exposed to this trigger. It is really helpful to acknowledge what the anxiety is trying to do for you. The more you send the signal to the unconscious mind that you get the message, the less that part of your mind will feel the need to make you feel anxious. That is a huge part of the reason why we say I love and accept myself anyway in our tapping setup. We don’t say I want to completely avoid the anxious part of me which I do not like or accept at all. We need to keep in mind that the body makes us feel anxious when we want to avoid something. When we attempt to avoid anxiety, our body creates more anxiety to help us avoid the anxiety. This is not a good plan:-)

The next time you are attempting to tap away your anxiety with Pro EFT, remember anxiety is attempting to help you. The more you can acknowledge this with a calm love and acceptance, the more completely the dysfunctional anxiety pattern will leave your body.

If the emotions are too intense, or the aspects you are suffering from are too complex, we always recommend doing some private sessions with an certified, advanced, Pro EFT practitioner.

Wishing you the best tapping success ever,