Tap away feeling overwhelmed with Pro EFT™

We can very effectively tap away feeling overwhelmed with Pro EFT™. But just as with anxiety, the many  explanations about feeling overwhelmed can make tapping it away somewhat confusing and overwhelming. You think you are feeling overwhelmed but you read that you really are feeling anxiety or stress or something else. Maybe it is just your biology?

At the Pro EFT Center we have a simple solution. If you are feeling overwhelmed we tap on feeling overwhelmed. If you are feeling anxious we tap on feeling anxious. The only important perspective when tapping a painful emotion down is your perspective. Tapping while calling what you are feeling by your name for it is infinitely more effective than trying to pigeon hole yourself into something you have read somewhere.

The basic set up and reversal tapping statements all include loving and accepting ourselves as we are. Really loving and accepting yourself means loving and accepting the parts of you that make you feel overwhelmed.

But who can accept feeling overwhelmed? As Carl Jung said so many years ago, what we resist persists. The more we don’t accept that part of us, the more that part of us feels even more overwhelmed. In all Meridian Tapping we love and accept ourselves anyway. At the Pro EFT™ Center we specifically are loving and accepting those parts of us that feel overwhelmed.

If you would really like to supercharge your setup/reversal statements, recognize what the feeling overwhelmed is trying to do for you. Then we can really zero in on the dysfunctional reaction we are trying to change. When we really understand what the dysfunctional reaction is trying to do, it is so much easier to specifically love and accept that part of us.

Feeling overwhelmed tends to paralyze us from taking effective action. If we want to truly love and accept that part that makes us feel overwhelmed, we need to accept that there are times that taking no action is the best decision.

Feeling overwhelmed helps us to realize that we are taking on too much. People pleasing people are wonderful people except when they stop pleasing themselves. Loving and accepting that part of us that is trying to signal, however awkwardly that we have taken on too much, is wonderful. Then we can honor that part of us that is trying to get us to put ourselves back on the list of people we take care of. After all, taking care of people is something we are really good at.

Feeling overwhelmed keeps us from consciously feeling emotions that are too painful to deal with. This is a great buffer until we can tap down the intensities of those painful emotions as well. Tapping in your appreciation for the part that doesn’t want you to feel all of these awful emotions helps you toward real self acceptance.

If the emotions are too intense, or the aspects you are suffering from are too complex, we always recommend doing some private sessions with a certified, advanced, Pro EFT practitioner.

Wishing you the best tapping success ever,