Nuetralizing “I can’t keep up,” with Pro EFT™

Neutralizing “I can’t keep up,” with Pro EFT™… Tell your story as it is…Acknowledge the reality that we expect ourselves to do more than is humanly possible…Humans are terrible estimators…Love and accept that ancient part of us …Explore the reason why we want to do so much…Go for what you really want directly…Get help when you need it

Tap away your anger with Pro EFT™

Tap away your anger with Pro EFT™. Discover the difference between healthy and unhealthy anger. Healthy anger makes something change. Being with an understanding person vs a person who means to hurt youEliminate arguing with yourself. Tap in feeling in control directly. Reverse that bad effects of anger in your body. Venting your anger to get rid of it doesn’t work. Recognize anger early and take effective action. Get help when you need it.

Tap away your anxiety with Pro EFT

Tweet Anxiety has just become the most prevalent emotional health problem in the US. Learning how to effectively tap away your anxiety with Pro EFT is a wonderful solution. For most people, trying to tap down anxiety seems like a daunting and nearly impossible task. Part of the reason for this is the word anxiety has … Continue Reading »

Relieve your emotional pain and limiting beliefs with Pro EFT

Tweet Many people wonder how to relieve your emotional pain and limiting beliefs with Pro EFT. Your painful emotions and limiting beliefs go hand in hand with each other. They form a vicious circle. You have an experience that is so upsetting that your unconscious mind records that response. Your mind observes what is happening. This observation … Continue Reading »

Pro EFT: Relief, Empowerment, and Success

Tweet Achieving relief, empowerment and success are the goals of every session at the Pro EFT Center. A single session provides relief of the symptoms that are happening at the time of the session. This is very empowering and certainly successful. The highest goal here at the Pro EFT Center is to eliminate an issue. … Continue Reading »